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Residential customers:

What size bin do I require?

Our 3m³ and 5m³ bins are equivalent to around 4-5 and 7-8 small trailer loads respectively, and our larger 9m3 bins are equivalent to around 12 or so trailer loads. If you are unsure of the size you require us feel free to contact us and we will happily discuss your needs with you.

How long can I have the bin?

Our standard hire length is 4 days, however if you wish to have the bin for longer there is an extra charge of $5 per day. Please let us know if you require this when ordering.

How high can I fill the bin?

LTNZ rules require that the bin is filled only to the upper edge. If you think the bin may be overfilled we offer a discount for emptying and returning the bin during the hire period.

How wide does my driveway need to be for access?

For our 3m3 and 5m3 bins we require at least 2.6m of width to easily place the bin where required. For our larger 9m3 bins we require at least 3m. If you are in doubt about your access situation please contact us and we will do our best to provide you a suitable solution. In certain cases we can place bins over low fences and on slight inclines.

What am I not allowed to put in the bin?

We cannot accept any form of toxic wastes, such as tires, chemicals, paint, or solvents, nor can we accept soil or wet gib board. We can accept concrete but this is dealt with on a case by case basis. If you have any queries about these restrictions please contact us and we will provide and we will assist you.

How can I make payment for the bin?

We accept cash, cheque, or direct credit. Payment must be made before or on delivery of the bin. This is to ensure that we can pick it up on time, even if you are not home. For direct credit payments our bank account number is 03 0490 0278696 00. Please use your last name as a reference.

Commercial customers:

How often will you empty my bin?

As often as you like! We have multiple options for pickup frequency, some customers prefer a regular pickup, whereas some prefer an on call service where the bin is only emptied when required.

Can you tell me what sort of bin I require?

Absolutely, we can carry out an onsite waste audit to determine the best solution for your business. As we build our own bins we can construct a bin to suit your requirements.

Can you recycle old magazines and paper?

Yes, however rather than mixing these with cardboard we collect them separately. We have found the best solution to be a simple 1m³ fabric bag supported by a steel frame. These bags are easily lifted by our trucks and are a low cost alternative to a full size bin.

Can I hire a bin on a casual basis?

Yes, we often hire our skip bins out to commercial customers for cleanup jobs and such.

Can you empty my bin outside of business hours?

Of course, all of our bins are lockable, so you can freely leave the bin outside out of business hours for us to empty!

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